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This Guatemalan coffee is prime example of why you shouldn’t just settle for “good” when it comes to your morning cup of coffee.  Coming from a series of fruity, notably winey coffees from the El Porevenir cooperative in South East Guatemala, this coffee rocks some great tasting notes like dessert wine and green grape.  I personally have a weak spot for natural process coffees with winey tasting notes—so this is definitely one of my favorites.  The El Porevenir cooperative represents the work of nine producing families and twenty-eight farms in the surrounding Ayarza area in Santa Rosa. These are great people who have high standards for the quality of the coffee they grow.  Great coffee from great people who care.  Don’t settle for anything less.

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Whole Bean, French Press, Metal Filter, Paper Filter, Coarse Espresso

2 reviews for Great Guat

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    Really interesting and tasty coffee. There is a floral or beery note that is amazing from first smell and into the cup. I’m starting my journey with espresso and my Flair 58, but of all the coffee’s I’ve tried this is in my top 2 favorites. I’ve had doubles straight, lattes, americanos etc. and the flavor is always amazing.

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