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This blend has a soothing and sweet berry compote flavor, accompanied by chocolate and green grape notes. It is comprised of a washed Costa Rican coffee and the natural process Guatemala from the Great Guat’. When I tasted it for the first time, I literally said, “Now this is the kind of coffee I would like to drink early in the morning!” It’s smooth and mellow, and really matches those morning vibes well. This blend is also my go-to choice for espresso, where the chocolatey-ness and warm berry notes really come through.

But why is it called the “Voiceover Blend”? Recording voiceovers for my videos has been a huge part of my content creation. As a way to thank you for your support of my content and my coffee business, when you buy this coffee, I will send you a personalized voice message to your email. If you have anything you need advice on or help with when it comes to coffee brewing, let me know and I will include that in the voice message! If the coffee is for someone else, let me know who it is for and what their email address is so that I can send them a message once the coffee is delivered!

Grind Setting

Whole Bean, French Press, Metal Filter, Paper Filter, Coarse Espresso

2 reviews for Voiceover Blend

  1. Dylan

    Got this as a gift from a friend for the holidays. It was a pretty solid roast and I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee. I will definitely be ordering more of it.

  2. Tabitha Marschner

    Literally my favorite coffee roast! when I was introduced to the coffee, I absolutely fell in love with it. Super high quality, rich and smooth.

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